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17340050-1Losing Hope by Colleen Hoover

Just when Dean Holder gave up on finding Hope, he found her — a lot closer to home than he ever expected. Holder has a whirlwind of emotions and inner demons that he has to work through. The reason he does the things he does stems from childhood events that changed his life forever, along with unforgettable memories of a more recent tragedy.

In this book, I got to know Holder on a whole new level. I absolutely loved Hopeless. It is one of my all-time favorite books; and when I heard the author was releasing the story in Holder’s (one of my all-time favorite book boyfriends) point of view, I knew I had to have it. The story of Holder and Sky from Hopeless was so beautiful and tragic; and somehow, in Holder’s point of view, it was even more tragic. It made me love the characters and story even more.

I loved getting to know things about Holder I never knew and reasons behind the things he did in Hopeless that drove me nuts and had me thinking What the hell!? This wasn’t just Hopeless in Holder’s point of view; it was so much more. I really didn’t expect it to be as much of its own story like it was.

This story had its grip on me again from the very opening page, already throwing me into a scene I had never read before. I was hanging onto every word the author wrote, even the words that were from Hopeless because I was seeing them in a whole new way.

I didn’t think Colleen Hoover could break me again and make it so I couldn’t go on to read another book because I was so heartbroken over ending it like I was with Hopeless, but boy, was I wrong. When I finished the last beautifully written line, I found myself wondering how I would pick up another book again.

I loved meeting new characters like Holder’s friend Daniel. He was flipping awesome and made me laugh hysterically many times. The crap that came out of his mouth was ridiculous and awesome.

Long review short, this book was amazing, and I would highly recommend it! If you haven’t read Hopeless, read it and fall in love with Holder and then read this book and fall in love with him all over again, possibly even more than you did the first time. I know I did!

I received this book for review from Net Galley.


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