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I am currently participating in my first NaNoWriMo. I have been waiting for this for months and been dying to get my new book idea, Breaking Pointe onto paper, or word document actually. Thirty Days and thirty night of writing is every Author’s dream, right? Well unfortunately life also continues. Those like myself who have other jobs they must work, commitments, friends, family, or planning a vacation and wedding that begins December 1st. Yeah I feel a little crazy right now, but hey I work good under pressure. Luckily I have time at work to write, or I would never have a chance at finishing this challenge on time. I’m a little behind right now at (7,040 words), but I got a pretty decent word count today and am pretty sure I can fully catch up tomorrow. If things go well, maybe I will be ahead by Friday since the weekends are trickier.

NaNo has been great so far and has encouraged me to write every day and given me a goal to work towards. I just finished writing my first book a few months ago, now I’m trying to write 50,000 words in thirty days. How amazing would it feel to achieve that? I think pretty freaking amazing! I have decided I am going to do it! Obstacles be damned!

I’m a bit out of my territory with this book, but it is fun and exciting as I get to know my characters and see where they take me. My main character Liv, is strong and feisty, and I look forward to getting to know her inside and out and seeing her take on her tormentors.

I have been looking forward to writing Breaking Pointe for a while and I hope it ends up being a good story. I also got to write my first Prologue for this book. I have never needed one before, but this story called for one.

I look forward to powering through NaNoWriMo! Is anyone else participating? My username is christiewriting if you want a writing buddy!

Happy Writing!



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