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Hi Everyone! I’m sorry I have been scarce; between taking exams, finishing final projects for college courses, and getting my wisdom teeth extracted, I haven’t spent much time online. I hope you all have had a rocking start to your summer! Some exciting stuff has been happening, as some of you may know. I have officially been added to the lineup for the Ribbons for Cancer Author event in Augusta Maine! I’ll be signing books with one of my favorite authors Jennifer Armentrout, among others! It also supports cancer, which is an amazing cause that I support with my whole heart. I also have a book signing coming up at my favorite store, Bull Moose in Scarborough Maine! I just received my weekly newsletter today and I am in it! That seriously just made my life! It will be the first time I get to actually see my book on a bookstore shelf! AMAZING! Seriously it is the coolest thing ever! Go look HERE! *Dances*


Tomorrow kicks off Camp National Novel Writing Month and I am really excited because I’m going to start writing Before the Rain, Kyle’s POV from Rain. I’m not sure how much I will actually get to write because I’m starting a new college course and stuff, but that is okay. I’m just going to write what I can. My goal is 30,000 words for the month, but I’m not going to get all worked up if it doesn’t happen. I’m just going to have fun and go with it. I’m just excited to finally start telling Kyle’s story.