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Hi Everyone!

Friday I discovered a site selling the e-book of Rain illegally. This happens all the time, right? The thing is, I am not even well known, I’m not a full-time writer, I have a full-time job and I am not making big bucks off of my writing, which is fine, I didn’t expect to. I expect pirating to happen as well, but someone making money off my work is so not okay! To me that is worse than putting my book up on  a site for free, but I haven’t found that yet. I’m unknown, and I understand that it is hard sometimes to take a chance on an unknown, especially if you don’t have a lot of money. My solution for that; email me with the subject line, “Rain Review Request.” I will give you the e-book for free in exchange for an honest review. You don’t even need to have a blog, just write your thoughts on Goodreads and Amazon. There, even better than buying an illegal copy at a discounted price, you can read it for FREE for just a few extra minutes of your time to write a review. Not a bad deal. If you want to support me and buy the e-book, I would love that, but it is only legally available on Amazon. Don’t have a kindle? Easy! You can download the e-book to your computer and change the format with a free program called Calibre, which you can also use to upload it to your e-reader of choice.

For information purposes, if a website selling books says something like this,

How do I download my eBooks?
The books will be sent to your email address as E-mail attachments,
you can download the books from the email. ”

It is not legal! If you are buying a book legally you will never receive it in an email as an attachment! The site might send you a receipt, but the book will NEVER be sent in an e-mail. The only time you should ever receive an e-book as an attachment legally is if it is an ARC directly from the author or publisher. If they are sent that way, the author does not receive credit or royalties, so please think about that if you run across one of these sites.


What made me more upset about this situation is I found most of my favorite authors on this illegal site, some of them well known and some of them not so well known. It hurts my heart, especially since their work is more likely to get illegally bought than mine. I don’t want that! I would love this site to be taken down, but I don’t think I have the power to do that. I notified a few authors, but if you are an author and come across this, your book is more than likely on that site, so feel free to email me and I will give you a link to the site. I’m not posting it on this because I don’t want it to get more visibility, which is what seems to happen in these situations.

This is how I’m choosing to handle this situation, feel free to tell me what you think or ask me questions.


For fun, I will give away an e-book copy of Rain without the obligation of writing a review, to enter use the form below. There is also an excerpt of Chapter One of Rain on my website, the link can be found below under ‘Links.’

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Rain Chapter One Excerpt

Rain E-Book


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