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Okay, so I’ve heard other writers talk about how they get these awesome ideas when they are trying to sleep. I never really had that problem, until last night. I had a long day. I mean it was a Monday of all Mondays! I was ready to just pass out, but nope. I’m just laying there working on drifting off into la-la land when my characters take over my mind, and have a vivid scene in my head. I couldn’t get up and start writing because I NEEDED to go to sleep, but the image just wouldn’t leave me alone until it played it out in my head. WHYYYYY! I sit at the computer all day and haven’t done a whole lot of writing, but when I can’t write, I have a scene jumping and creaming, “look at me, look at me” in my head? *head desk* The even better part is, the said scene is for the third book in the Rain  series, when I should be working on the second book… SIGH. I guess I should just go with it, so now I’m going to try to get the scene written down, and hopefully it comes out as good as what was in my head last night.


Happy Writing!


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