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I Persevere

This game you play
Is very dangerous.
Like jumping out of a plane and
Forgetting your parachute.

You act innocent,
Like an angel from above.
Pure and fragile.
Your act only works on a crowd,
I’m not part of it.
I see you for who you are.
Stripping away your white mask
That fools everyone else.
Revealing the darkness underneath.
Not appreciative of what you already have
You steal from others.
Acting like you’re their friend
Before flipping the switch.

You start a war.
When I’m winning
You retreat.
Finding higher authority
Hiding behind them
Like I’m the one
Who committed treason
Stabbing one of my own.
You can try to frame me
But the truth will come out,
As soon as they find your fingerprints.

You didn’t expect me to fight back
When you first attacked.
Thinking it was easy to bring me down.
Sorry to disappoint you
I’m not defeated, just like that.
Don’t break a nail
Leave the scratching to a cat.
I don’t pull hair, a powerless act.
I connect my fist with your face
Enjoying the feeling of first to jaw
As blood splashes on my skin.

You may have begun this war
Trying to take advantage of me.
Fighting dirty.
Despair will only fall on you.
I will finish first
Every time.
I fight for victory
Never backing down.
The strength I have will shock you.

Think again before throwing punches my way.
I will dodge every one.
Your energy will be wasted
You will only be defeated.

If you choose to fight anyways
Finish what you started.
You can’t retreat and hide
Just because you are losing.
In the end I will find you,
Making you compensate 
For all you have done.

The plane couldn’t save you.
I watch you fall through the air.
Eventually your body will crash to the ground,
With nothing there to stop you
But the branches scraping across your skin.

Causing you every bit of pain
You inflicted on me.
As your body is sprawled out on the ground
I hope you suffer.
Remembering you caused this
All because you played dangerously
You didn’t have a parachute.
You have nothing left,
I persevere.

By: Christie Cote
May 6, 2011