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Yesterday I saw a video that Colleen Hoover posted about how people find her website with search terms. Some of the ones that she shared were quite hilarious! That prompted me to go look at the search terms that people used to get on my blogs. I started with this one, my author website, which yielded one interesting one, “guy sitting on a bench with a message or quotation pictures pictures.” Okay, so I think the quote part must have triggered that one. Then I moved on to my review blog.  Apparently 806 people were referred to my blog by using the search term “Demons.” I’m not quite sure what that says about my review blog. The last was my old writing blog, which mostly had poetry on it. The oddest search on that was, “the vibration of words cling.” I don’t even know what to say about that. How that resulted in my blog is one big mystery. Maybe because I use words to write? I found this entertaining and plan to pay more attention to this in the future. Do you have a blog? Well if you are looking for some entertainment, go check out what people search to find you! Feel free to leave a comment and share the craziest search you discover!