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I think it is only fair that I warn everyone that I am a writer. You see, I’ve had some people pull some interesting things lately, and before that, oh the stories I could tell… Which is actually my point. I write stories and the things you do may end up in a book I write. If you are a jerk-face, you might be written into a book and then killed off, or if the action is interesting enough it might be put in a book, so don’t do anything to me you wouldn’t want the world to read about. Authors draw inspiration from many things, and if you wrong me, I doubt you want me to use that inspiration, but I will. I’m all about turning a negative into a positive, so if it means turning something bad that happened into a good book. That sounds good to me, so on second thought, have at it. Give me a good story to tell. I’m up for the challenge :).