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Once Chance Night by Eliza Boyd
Series: Make a Change #1
Genre: New Adult Contemporary
Pages: 188
Published: May 15, 2015 by Patchwork Press

Book Description:

On the surface, Chelsea Greer has it all: A loving husband. A nice house. A good job.
In reality, she works hard to maintain the illusion that is her life. She’s also missing the most important thing:
One night could change her life. One night could give her the strength to rediscover what’s important. In one night, she could find love when she most needs it and least expects it.
All Chelsea has to do is follow her heart after One Chance Night.


One Chance Night was filled with intense emotion and had me swooning, swearing, wishing I could reach through the pages of the book and strangle a certain character and become best friends with others.


The novel had the right combination of romance mixed with difficult, life changing decisions. The reader followed Chelsea, who wasn’t perfect, had made her share of mistakes, and was in an awful situation, but I couldn’t help but feel for her. She was a creature of routine, and it took taking a chance and breaking that routine for her to get a much needed wakeup call, pushing her to change her life for the better.

I couldn’t help but immediately start the next chapter to find out what would happen next and what Chelsea would do. The words flowed and my eyes floated across them until the final page, which left me with a perfect ending to the story, not making me suffer through one of those awful cliff hangers, but I still wanted more of the beautiful characters who made me feel so much. If you read this book, which you should, then we are all in luck because it is a series, while the main characters won’t be central, they will make appearances so we can get our fix.

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Eliza Boyd did an incredible job painting the pictures, introducing the characters and making them feel real, and created a poignant story that I think many people can relate to in one way or another, whether they survived a bad relationship or have fallen in love. This debut novel will make you stop and take notice of this new author and I know she will have much more to share with us.

Take a chance on One chance Night, you won’t regret it! I certainly can’t wait to read what she writes next!

I received this book in exchange for my honest review.

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How Songs Made it to the OCN Playlist

    1. Sam Hunt – Take Your Time
      I first heard this song in November of 2014. On a trip to Houston for a book event, I rented a car—something I normally don’t do when I travel alone. I heard the song each of the four times I was in the car, and I absolutely fell in love with it. The spoken word, the lyrics, the feel of the song—totally dug it. And I so badly wanted to write the book about it. Then, in March of this year, I heard the song on the radio and it reminded me so much of Chelsea’s story, which I’d finished writing in October—before I’d even heard the song—that it made me cry. And I realized I’d already written the book for this song. 🙂
      (Little known fact: The song actually appears in the book. It was a last-minute change when I made that realization in March. Originally, it was Thomas Rhett’s “It Goes Like This.”)
    2. Brett Eldredge – Don’t Ya
      This is on the list, but it doesn’t appear in the book. It’s the song that inspired the whole thing though—hence Brett’s name. I heard this one and pictured chapters 27-29. Something about the song triggered that whole scene, and I knew I had to write it. But I didn’t know what came before all of that, so I had to work through Chelsea’s story a bit backward. Knowing that it’d all be worth it in the end made her road easier to navigate. 🙂
    3. Johnny Cash – Ring of Fire
      I knew I had to include a wider spectrum of country music. I used new music and a song or two from the ’90s, so I wanted to add older songs. With the girls being at an open-mic night, I wrote in a band that covered older songs. And I didn’t want them to only show up just because, so this song and the Conway Twitty song I mention in the book come up again later on. But I love this song so much. I mean, truly. “The taste of love is sweet / when hearts like ours meet.” That’s a great line!
    4. Blake Shelton – Mine Would Be You
      Brett and Ian sing this song at a pivotal point in the book, and I think it really encompasses the feel of the moment. This song is all about regret and what you wish were different in regards to love. And at that point in the book, Brett is certainly feeling that way. It’s a very emotional song, and I think it brings some more emotion to the book when it shows up. 🙂
    5. Sara Bareilles – Brave
      OCN is all about Chelsea and her journey, and truly, she needs to become brave in order to deal with all of the choices she’s made and make anything in her life different. This song represents that. Chelsea doesn’t have a lot going for her at the beginning, and she recognizes that it’s her fault. But in order to change, she has to do things she hasn’t done, which is the nature of life. I love her journey, and I hope you do too. 🙂

Eliza Boyd is a contemporary women’s fiction and romance author. Also an avid reader, she writes novels, short stories, poetry, and whatever else strikes her fancy. Born and raised in Northern Illinois, she now lives in sunny Arizona with her husband and her plethora of animals. When she’s not reading, writing, or working, she can be found walking around her neighborhood (for exercise, not for stalking), taking photos of her pets, or catching up on her favorite shows. Catching up really means binge-watching.

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