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Music Monday

Mondays are hard, so let’s conquer them with music!

I love music; I listen to music in the car, at work, and it is also part of my writing process. Sometimes a scene may be inspired by a song or I find songs that relate to what I have written; either way I always have a separate playlist for each project I’m working on in addition to a master playlist of all the songs I come across and enjoy listening to. Thank you Spotify!

On Mondays I will share one song that I’m currently in love with, has inspired me, or relates to one of my projects.

650190a42f3f4207ae39ac1064d0c992be8e386aThis Monday’s song is Wicked Game by Phillip Phillips. I’m choosing this song because It is amazing, while Phillip Phillips didn’t write this song and there are other versions of it, I love his version. I can feel the words and again this song heavily relates to my current WIP Breaking Pointe and is on my playlist. If you keep up with these posts you will get somewhat of a feel of what the novel will be like 🙂

Phillip Phillips recently played a benefit concert in Vermont, so I got to see him sing this live along with other songs and it was AMAZING! He is fantastic live, so if he comes to your area, I definitely recommend going to see him!

Check it out and let me know what you think. Do you like a different version of this song better? Which one?


Thanks for reading!

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